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FieldWork 4 RES

Efficient asset and investment process management

Development of an integrated solution for asset management and support for investment processes in the design, planning and implementation of the construction of renewable energy sources.

This project and development of this sub-page was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

The content of this sub-page is the sole responsibility of IT SISTEMI-NOVE TEHNOLOGIJE.

FieldWork 4 RES

From a good idea to a top collaboration

After FieldWork has proven itself in the telecom sector, the time has come to expand its capabilities and help the energy sector with a focus on renewable energy sources (RES).

The idea of the project met the approval of several scientific institutions, but Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing’s (FER) ability and agility helped in the selection. We are pleased to work with the Institute for High Voltage and Energy in Zagreb and colleagues from FER’s Study of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources from Šibenik.

As beneficiary partners, the support of this project is provided by Professio Energia d.d. and RP Global dealing with the development, investment and exploitation of renewable energy projects.

The value of this innovative idea was recognized by the European Union and got the support for its development within the European Structural and Investment Funds through the call for proposals “Increasing the development of new products and services arising from research and development activities – Phase II”.

Professio Energia

The first Croatian joint stock company listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, focused exclusively on investments in renewable energy sources. The use of renewable energy sources in the long run contributes to diversification of energy production and security of supply, reducing dependence on energy imports, impact of fossil fuels on the environment and increasing competitiveness and creating new jobs.


RP Global

An independent electricity producer with over thirty years of experience in the renewable energy sector. As a developer, investor and operator, RP Global is focused on photovoltaic, hydro and wind energy projects.

So far, they have developed and built more than thirty-five power plants, including wind and hydro power plants.


About the project

The result of research and development activities will be a platform specialized in supporting investment projects, narrowly intended for OIE projects.

It will be used for all project phases, from investment planning to operational maintenance of power facilities and equipment.

  • Planning and preparation of OIE projects
  • Implementation of OIE projects
  • Maintenance of OIE assets

It will include a full range of functionalities to meet the needs of all end users – investors, planners, contractors and managers, and will be based on private and shared SaaS environments.

All activities are divided into two main phases. The first 18 months are reserved for industrial research, and the next 18 months will be devoted to experimental development.

The total value of the project: HRK 15.258.809,86, of which HRK 9.053.271,54 is co-financed by the EU. Project implementation period: from 17.8.2020. to 17.8.2023.  Contact: Marin Curavić, ITS Business Development Manager and FieldWork 4 RES project manager.

FieldWork 4 RES

The final results of the project and the full range of functionalities

The final result of this project will be a solution that will facilitate the daily tasks of companies such as Professio Energia and RP Global, and contribute to the success of their projects and enable their further growth and development.

FieldWork 4 RES will include the following basic functionality:

  • Planning investment projects.
  • Planning renewable energy maintenance activities.
  • Managing contractors, subcontractors, and contracts.
  • Project quality and execution management.
  • Financial management and ensuring the profitability of projects.
  • Material and inventory planning and management. Procurement and invoicing of MRO (spare parts).
  • Application of BIM methodology and integration with other appropriate tools in the function of design and management of renewable energy assets.
  • Inventory and asset management – facilities and components.
  • Digitization and automation of business processes related to asset management of renewable energy facilities.
  • Regulatory process management.
  • Integration with ERP systems.
  • Integration and retrieval of data from new or existing management systems in order to maintain OIE in a secure and authorized manner.
  • Secure and authorized communication in the function of investment process, exploitation and maintenance with the exchange of information using distributed technologies.
  • Managing predictive and preventative maintenance requirements. Tracking maintenance history.
  • Mobile application to support online and offline work of field staff.