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Namirial eSignAnyWhere-K2 connector

Electronically sign documents directly from business applications

Electronic signing software solutions are a growing necessity to ensure business continuity and avoid working with paper documents. But digital signing is usually only the final part of the whole process of working with documents.

digitalno potpisivanje

Faster to signed documents

By integrating Namirial eSignAnyWhere with the K2 platform, you can create end-to-end process applications that require digital signing. By using this connector, you drastically reduce the time required to sign documents, while fully preserving the visibility and audit trail for all signing steps.


eSignAnyWhere is a digital transaction management and contracting solution that saves time, increases efficiency and optimizes internal and external processes. It’s fully compliant with the eIDAS (EU 910/2014) regulation and supports advanced electronic signatures.


K2 makes it easy to automate a wide range of business applications that require forms, integration with other business applications and services, workflows, and reporting, all without writing code.

Signing as part of an automated process

While using integration with eSignAnyWhere, all of these features are available to business applications that require the use of an electronic signature. Regardless of the type of the process and the repository in which the documents are located, you can automate the creation of envelopes, apply a signature visualization placeholder on one or more documents in the envelope, automatically add and manage signatories, and easily track all signing steps.

The integration of K2 and eSignAnyWhere ensures the integrity of the entire process with the ability to track each of its steps in real-time, and connecting business data to the process is much easier.

The process of signing a document within the K2 platform

What can you do

with the K2-eSignAnyWhere connector?

Processes that include an electronic signature, and are the most common example of K2 and eSignAnyWhere integration:

  • drafting and signing contracts,
  • offers and purchase orders preparation,
  • adoption of internal acts,
  • making and signing managing boards decisions,
  • new employees, suppliers, and customers onboarding,
  • filing and damage claim processing,
  • credit procedures.

Numerous functionalities

for easy and secure e-signing

K2 and eSignAnyWhere integration, through K2 Designer, provides the following features:

  • envelopes creation,
  • adding one or more documents to the envelope and defining the signature placeholders on each document,
  • adding one or more signatories to the envelope, defining the type and manner of signing for each of the signatories and the associated signature placeholder,
  • starting of the signing,
  • automatic creation of a K2 task for each signature step in eSignAnyWhere,
  • signing status monitoring.

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Check how easy electronic signing is when you access it directly from business applications with the Namirial eSignAnywhere - K2 connector.

K2-Namirial connector demo

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