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Enhance your business

with proven advanced technology solutions in the hands of experienced experts

With the help of innovative strategies, advanced technologies and quality support, you can easily achieve your goals and respond to challenges like - how to:

  • optimize and automate processes,
  • optimally manage content throughout all phases of its life cycle,
  • carry out digitalization,
  • provide quality and fast service to your customers?







years of experience

Solutions that fit into your business

Due to the already invested resources in existing technology, it is very important that new solutions fit into your system without difficulty. Independence allows us freedom of choice so that within solution to exclusively provide you with the technology that is optimal for the specifics of your organization.

Services leading you to achieve your business goals

Business analysis, Business Process Management, software development, and IT system monitoring and optimization are just a part of what helps us bring you closer to your goals. Over 20 years of experience and 100 experts are at your disposal.

Enter a new era of digital business

With the growth of business there are more and more challenges. How to customize processes, automate them and digitize your business? Do not worry, many organizations from the private and public sectors have successfully crossed that path, join them.

The Way to Intelligent Business Information Management

The Way to Intelligent Business Information Management

Get rid of loads of paper, to spend less resources on tasks that could be automated and provide the best user experience – is the goal of each business operating.

When it comes to hundreds of thousands of information that enter or are generated in your company’s system every day, optimization and digitization are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

Technology in the service of your business needs

Only the technology that best fits the specifics of your business and technological environment can become a part of your digital business.

From individual differences to a unique team

ITS - People Who Just Fit

As important to create the perfect fit Enterprise Information Management solutions for our users, so is to surround by the people who make the winning team.

ITS Perfect Fit Team Leaders

Damir Popović

Business visionary, entrepreneur, mentor and motivator. Expert in the architecture of business processes in Fin-Tech industry; consulting, design and implementation of business content and process management solutions and business application integration.

Damir Popović


Zvonimir Mavretić

Team leader and developer for numerous software development projects. Expert in architecture, design and implementation of web portal solutions, collaboration, business content and processes management, and integration of business applications. One of the leaders in the global K2 community.

Zvonimir Mavretić


Ivana Popović

Human resources manager, entrepreneur and motivator with outstanding leadership skills. More than 15 years of CHRO recognized IT companies in Croatia. Expertise in employment, development, and human resources on a daily basis with significant M & A experience.

Ivana Popović


Hrvoje Sukić

Operations director with many years of experience in leading IT positions in the telecom industry. A successful manager and strategist with outstanding organizational, technical and communication skills. Certified project manager with international experience in managing software and system projects.

Hrvoje Sukić


IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije d.o.o. za poslovne usluge

Zrinsko Frankopanska 64, 21000 Split, Croatia

PIN/OIB: 92881995081 Reg.No./MBS: 060145409

Business bank of the company: OTP Banka Hrvatska d.d. 

IBAN: HR5124070001100395653 VAT ID: HR92881995081  

Members of the Managing Board: Damir Popović, Igor Gržalja, Marko Špegar
Registered in the court register: Commercial Court in Split
Share capital: 34.000,00 HRK



Daughter company:

eVision informacijski sustavi d.o.o.

Baštijanova 52a, 10110 Zagreb, Croatia

OIB: 98227140678 MBS: 080482498​
Business bank of the company: Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.

IBAN: HR8324840081102195984 VAT ID: HR98227140678

Director: Zvonimir Mavretić, Igor Gržalja, Marko Špegar Registered in court register: Commercial Court in Zagreb 
Share capital:
500.000,00 kn