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The platform that transforms the content management of your organization

A platform for all your input and output documents

You only need one solution to manage, process, edit, digitally sign, save and print all documents, whether you receive them in physical or digital form. You can also choose whether you want to do this from your computer or mobile phone (Android and iOS).

Scan physical documents and easily generate or retrieve digital documents from any application, email, scanner, MFP device, virtual printer or file system.

Submit retrieved documents for further processing and/or save to your ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform, Capture system, LOB application, CRM, ERP, Cloud Storage or the application you want. The content itself (usually in PDF) comes with a standard set of metadata and audit/log data.

Document input






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Upgrade your existing business or add a new business process

Regardless of the process involved, you can uniquely handle all physical and digital documents:

  • incoming invoices,
  • payment orders,
  • barcode documentation,
  • loan documentation,
  • personal documents…

Acceptance is followed by sorting, indexing and, where appropriate, OCR in the scanning process. Document processing and automation starts from the same interface and automatically directs and saves to the designated location.

Thanks to the advanced identification system and Machine Learning, you minimize the error risk of document classification.

The data collected is validated by queries according to the logical rules of the ERP system, ECM system or any other source of information, in order to increase accuracy and prevent errors in the further processing. Define strict business rules for each individual index field as well as complete documents.

Documents acceptance is also available when you are away from the office

Using your mobile app and camera on your smartphone, simply accept any document.

  1. Document scanning with direct upload to server for further processing with selection of associated business process and input of necessary metadata.
  2. Initially scanning a document barcode to set up a business process and then scanning documents.
  3. Paired mode – all documents scanned through the cellphone are automatically transferred to the computer displaying scanned documents for further processing on the computer.
  4. Integration with Electronic Signature Solutions – initiate the process of signing a document directly from your mobile phone by scanning a QR code that directs you directly to the document to be signed via the link.

Update existing applications with new functionalities

Without leaving a well-known application from the same interface, launch a number of additional features:

  • image retrieval,
  • image processing,
  • forms processing,
  • scanning,
  • barcoding,
  • import,
  • conversion to PDF,
  • digital signature,
  • OCR,
  • control of local devices…

Data access is faster and easier with the barcode system

Generate and add a barcode to your documents. After storage, it is easier to retrieve the requested information and metadata related to each barcode generated.

Do you use signature screens? Brand them.

When not in use, your signature screens become an additional channel of communication for your marketing messages. Show pictures, video content or surveys that your customers can fill out.