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Digital sphere of strategic decision making

Make decisions based on relevant information, faster and easier, with less costs. From one central location manage all suggestions, meetings or sessions, assignments and their implementation.

Thanks to the high security standards, you decide which information is visible to which process participants and at what time. Forget the loads of paper on the desk. Easily monitor all activities on your tablet or desktop and reduce the possibility of human error.


Experience the benefits of paperless meetings with BoardPoint

Why is it important for participants in meetings or sessions?

  1. No need for loads of paper – the agenda is displayed on a computer or tablet monitor.
  2. Simpler and faster search of content and documents.
  3. Access all documents regardless of time and location.
  4. Supervise the process of preparing the proposal for the agenda.
  5. Monitoring and managing the agenda of a meeting or session.
  6. Electronic voting.
  7. Monitoring of quorum, voting process and results in real time.
  8. Possibility of entering private and public comments.
  9. Increased security of distribution of confidential information.
  10. Defining deadlines for each individual activity and process as a whole.

Why is it important for administrators?

  1. Easy entry, categorization and content search.
  2. Customize the specifics of your business decision making process.
  3. Simply search documents and track changes.
  4. Automated process of accepting proposals and relevant documentation for a particular meeting or session.
  5. Quickly and easily submit documentation regardless of your location.
  6. Receive emails notifications about the required activities.
  7. Easily manage the list of participants.
  8. Simple agenda management.
  9. All documentation of a meeting or session is in one place.
  10. The probability of human error is reduced to a minimum.



Creating, submitting, and distributing proposals.


Preparing and holding meetings or sessions.



Safe storing and distributing decisions.



Creating, assigning and monitoring tasks.

All you need to create suggestions and document management

Write suggestions directly at BoardPoint, enter all required documentation and post it when you want. Reopen in case of additional changes, process monitoring, or updating of the agenda.

Be a part of effective meetings or sessions and do not waste time in vain

Define participants, speed up the preparation of the agenda, vote electronically, during the meeting easily access the full content in digital format and create a decision document.

Systematize the storage of decisions made and facilitate their distribution

Define distribution lists, upload decisions made to the Decision Register and publish them. Accelerate the process and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Manage tasks and monitor their realization more successfully

Create tasks in accordance with decisions, access a list of tasks, monitor their status, and ensure that they are realized within the agreed deadline. Generate reports and set up a notification system.

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Check out how you can manage proposals, meetings and tasks from one central location and make strategic decisions faster.


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