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The central place of your electronic office business

Standardize business processes related to lifetime of all documents received or created within your organization.

Manage business content more easily, faster and safer. Reduce costs caused by system inertia and increase productivity. Enjoy an efficient office business where the need for physical circulation of paper is minimized.

2 major digitization rules:


Input documents

in physical form - digitize, distribute electronically, physically just keep what you need, documents that you do not need to destroy immediately.


Output documents

- create everything digitally, just what you need to print and distribute do physically, smartly store it - all digitally, physically just what you need.

Optimize and digitize processes:

  •  inbox and documentation
  • outgoing mail
  • documents and records
  • dispatch
  • physical archives
  • digital archives
  • documentation flow
  • administrative procedures

Why OfficePoint?

  • Receiving documents at a central location through an intuitive user interface. 
  • Simple, fast and customizable search by all entered data and content.
  • Collaboration of multiple users on the output document, with the ability to monitor all of its versions.
  • Access and work on documents from any location.
  • Timely information about any changes to a document or subject.
  • Self-defining additional metadata for connecting to external system encryption.
  • Supported scanning process and OCR processing of documents and automatic associating to writing.
  • Faster and easier document management thanks to barcode content labeling.
  • Conforms to ISO 15489 standard.  

Accelerate processing and distribution of content and increase efficiency

Maximize the time needed to process and distribute all business content. Create output documents from templates with pre-filled fields. If needed, collaborate on the same document at the same time with your colleagues. Do not worry about any mistakes, any previous version is available to you.

Automate compliance with best practices and legal regulations

Thanks to automation, you no longer have to worry about legal regulations on keeping documents and their timely delisting, as well as about keeping all the statutory books. At all times there are available: reports on the status of all items, deadlines, overview of assignments per employees and organizational units, and a report on the general business operating of the organization.

Set a secure central location for all business information

Disable the loss of business content. Control from one location complete input and output content regardless of its format. A developed access system will ensure that information is only accessible to authorized persons.

Meet all the specific business needs of your organization

OfficePoint is a modular platform that maximally adapts to all the specifics of your business. It can be integrated with any existing technology, whether it’s about special applications; ERP, BPM and DMS system.

Additional functionalities

OfficePoint public portal

ensure business transparency. Provide citizens and business entities with insight into their open items. Make them available: solutions by administrative procedures, insight into complaints received, information on the dispatch of acts and confirmation of receipt of the acts by other involved entities.

OfficePoint API

use the desired benefits and functionality of the platform and access them through your existing applications.