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Unified Square for growth in the CEE region has chosen a partnership with IT Sistemi

Unify Square company is known for its PowerSuite software and cloud management services for enterprise communication tools, Skype for Business and Teams. We are pleased to say that we have added them to our partners list and further expanded the range of technologies that enable us to provide even more quality services to our users.

Enter a new era of business environment collaboration

With this partnership, Unify Square continues to implement the strategy of expanding the presence in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and strengthening the global network of partners in order to increase the quality of services provided by their PowerSuite. The plan is to bring companies together into a new era of business cooperation.

Given that we are working to strengthen our portfolio of IT infrastructure services and modern workplace solutions, partnership with Unify Square is an important step in that direction. By providing PowerSuite deployment to companies across the region, we will provide end-to-end quality services and satisfaction with using Skype for Business and Teams applications.

“Unify Square is very close to delivering extensive IT offerings to Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, and their PowerSuite software is aligned with a larger vision of the IT Sistemi in the context of delivering the latest cutting-edge IT solutions that suit every environment,” explains Damir Popović, IT Sistemi President of the Board. “This partnership will allow us to empower our clients in the direction of planning, adapting and managing collaborative environments, and ensuring that organizations of all kinds can take advantage of emerging collaborative technologies.”