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Fieldwork4RES panel discussion about regulatory frameworks for renewable energy sources

IT Sistemi hosted on February 10, 2022. a panel discussion Fieldwork4RES at the Clubhouse Golf premises in Zagreb.

The development of an integrated solution for asset management and support for investment processes in the designing, planning, and implementation of the renewable energy sources “Fieldwork4RES” requires a constant exchange of information between the IT sector and the renewable energy sector. With this in mind, IT Sistemi organized this panel discussion, which was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Regulatory frameworks for renewable energy sources and challenges of investment processes

Predavaci na paneluThe initiative was launched to address specific topics such as regulatory frameworks for renewable energy sources as well as the challenges of the investment processes. Guest lecturers/panelists are top experts in their field: Kristina Čelić (MINGOR), Maja Pokrovac (RES Croatia), Mario Klarić (Professio Energia), Bojan Reščec (RP Global), and Andro Bačan (Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute).

Lately, there has been an unquestionable interest in developing and investing in renewable energy sources. The panelists agreed that IT solutions are welcome in order to facilitate and speed up the process. Given that one of the biggest difficulties in the implementation of renewable energy projects is the process of obtaining permits, there is an obvious need for the existence of an IT system that would help guide through complex regulatory conditions.

It is extremely important to implement new IT solutions so that the digitalization of the entire process can take place better and with higher quality. Structuring of data with the possibility of transfer from one system to another as well as the connection with the existing ePermission system is one of the focus points. Of course, all legal frameworks and bylaws should be harmonized at the level of the Republic of Croatia in the field of environment, energy and construction.

In conclusion, the importance of drafting a new version of the Central Register of Renewable Energy Sources is necessary. This would allow monitoring of projects at all stages of the process. Better cooperation with local governments needs to be a part of this process. All of this would be the key to success.

„... We always have the same story. So far, the conclusion of each presentation was - the procedure is complicated, we have to simplify it - here is a different approach - we have tools, that is, Fieldwork4RES solution that guides us through the procedure “

— The panelists

BIM tools and CDE solutions in the renewable energy sector

Posjetitelji panela

In the second part of the event, a constructive discussion was developed on why the renewable energy sector needs a Common Data Environment (CDE) and what are the possibilities for scientific cooperation on BIM (Building Information Modeling) models. Eminent experts in their field participated: Marko Delimar (FER Zagreb), Vedran Orešić (Tech Data), Nikola Karadža (Professio Energia), and Josip Živković from RP Global

It is positive that the application of BIM tools and CDE solutions has already taken root in practice in the construction sector, mostly in infrastructure projects and building construction. There is already an obligation in the EU to use BIM tools for certain types of projects.

The renewable energy sector certainly needs to valorize the values that BIM and CDE contribute in the planning, design, and maintenance phases.


Close cooperation and flow of information between the IT and RES sectors to achieve the objectives

The extremely successful FieldWork4RES panel discussion ended with an optional gathering of participants and visitors. Such events are necessary to exchange information between the IT sector and the renewable energy sector in order to digitize the process to help achieve all RES goals, and IT solutions successfully meet all challenges.

We believe, therefore, that this is not the last event of this type. Thank you very much to all participants and visitors.


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