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Effective management of construction projects

Commercial, residential or infrastructure, construction or reconstruction projects. Whatever they are, project management represents complex processes with a multitude of involved participants from different disciplines. Whether it is the construction, improvement of existing infrastructure or the construction of a renewable energy facility, each project has certain stages and requirements that must be met.

Complex processes with a large number of participants

Construction projects include numerous phases – planning, designing, procurement, construction itself, maintenance, to name just a few, and all participants, i.e. the owner/investor and contracting parties, should be included in all the details. The quality and efficiency of the project implementation depends on the connection and cooperation of all participants, a complete overview of the project and facilitated documentation management.

It is clear that control and management must be viewed holistically so that all involved parties work in a coordinated manner in the technical and financial parts of the project.

Risks of inefficient construction project management

Whether it’s infrastructure project or renewable energy project, they all have their own deadlines, budgets, legal regulations and necessary documentation.

Due to inefficient project management, time and budget frames are often exceeded, and given that these are projects that have security issues and a certain impact on the environment, documentation management represents a kind of challenge. It is therefore necessary to set up a certain system of control and management of numerous documentation that is imposed during the construction projects realization.

Construction workers

Technological solutions for effective construction project management

Cost management, control over documentation and management of administrative processes are just some parts of project management in which technological solutions adapted to construction projects can play a major role. For all organizations that harmonize their business processes with the ISO 55000 and ISO 19650 standards, there are numerous advantages that the digitization of project phases and a common intelligent data environment enables.

  • Holistic approach and control of activities with control of all related costs

  • Engagement of all involved participants

  • Execution and control of administrative processes

  • Central point for management and improvement of project and implementation plans, management, maintenance and decommissioning activities throughout the asset life cycle

  • Shared environment for all stakeholders and for the entire project documentation

Comprehensive technology tailored to your needs

A complete and detailed overview that allows easy access to all procurement, contract and invoice data is enabled by the integration of the ERP system, which brings together all project participants, giving a clear comprehensive picture of the situation. Decisions are made based on data, and the involved parties become more productive because they get information easily and quickly.

With the help of the user management system, control over access and distribution of information is easily established.

An integral approach to the construction project management is unthinkable today without the integration of BIM technology, which brings with it the availability of all the necessary information for the planning, realization and maintenance of buildings.

IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are increasingly being used in facilities maintenance to improve efficiency, safety and economy. It enables the automation of the process, but also a timely reaction so that management and maintenance take place in accordance with the designed and contracted conditions.

Fieldwork4 solution with RES (Renewable Energy Sources) version

The Fieldwork4 platform is specialized in supporting investment projects that meets the needs of all end users – investors, designers, contractors and managers. All information related to the project is contained in one place – plans, Requests for Information (RFI), Tender documents, Contractual or legal documents, Offers, Time schedules, Cost estimates, QA/QC checklists, Closing and handover documents, Minutes of meeting, Progress Reports, standardization documents, work manuals, warranty details, etc.

Fieldwork 4 RES was created as a result of many years of research and development activities and represents a solution for the management of investment projects and the management and maintenance of renewable energy sources (RES).

It covers all phases, from investment planning to operational maintenance of power facilities and equipment.


Planning and preparation of RES projects


RES projects realization


Maintenance of RES assets

Transform the efficiency of your construction, management and maintenance projects

Whether it’s infrastructure projects or renewable energy projects, technology solutions help you establish control and comply with all legal regulations. Are you interested in how the Fielwork4 solution can contribute to your project? Contact our experts and we will be happy to present you with a solution that will transform your projects.

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