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People Who Just Fit

From individual differences to a unique team

How do we succeed in being a perfect fit team?

As important to create the perfect fit Enterprise Information Management solutions for our users, so is to surround by the people who make the winning team.



Without quality rest, there is no quality work performance. Yes, we love our work, but we also love our family and various activities from running, cycling and fishing to music, painting and preparing desserts.



For us, responsibility is a matter of personality, not duty. We learn together, grow together and do all in good faith, without the need for micromanagement.



We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but together we have everything. That is why we share knowledge and ideas. You have a question? Just ask! If the first in a line does not know the answer, we will find someone who knows or we will learn something new together and praise you for the initiative.



Each of us has its own factor, specific character and opinion. We feel free to express but do not impose ourselves. Discussion is often a source of great ideas that would otherwise not have happened. We maintain a team spirit, but also encourage people to be ``the best of me``, not someone else.



We are small enough to be agile, and through 20+ years of experience and stable business, we have become big enough to be able to ensure harmony and continuous development of private and business life.

Goran Šutić
From the beginning I liked the atmosphere, flexible working hours, excellent working conditions (working tools, vacation, Multisport etc.) and thanks to mentor Andro Gregov, I had an excellent pace that enabled me to make maximum progress.

— Goran Šutić

software engineer

Marija Berač Čizmić
From a parent perspective, flexibility is very important to me, as well as the understanding of superiors for specific family “moments”. It is good to know that any unforeseen situation can be coordinated with business obligations.

— Marija Berač Čizmić


Luka Jurić
A relaxed family atmosphere that comes through conversations, darts, billiards, football, B2B run, as well as some dinners. I am glad that the wishes or criticisms that employees express, if possible, are solved and not swept under the carpet.

— Luka Jurić

software engineer

Ivona Jurišić
Experience and skills are important but not crucial. Personal character is especially appreciated. We match to each other, creating a pleasant working environment, reducing stress and working more efficiently.

— Ivona Jurišić

support engineer

We currently gather more than 100 experts who work on a combination of technical knowledge and understanding of the business processes and logic they are based on, regardless of whether they are a developer, system engineer or consultant. 

All together, we are dedicated to the success and position of the IT Sistemi company as a regional leader for EIM solutions.

Designing an optimal strategy, selecting appropriate methodologies and tools, and developing a document lifecycle management system (information, records …), in some of the largest organizations in the region, is our everyday life.

ITS’ professionals

IT professionals with business mindset

Our Another Home and Business Family

Help organizations in digitizing their businesses

How will your work affect our clients?

In short, the solutions you will create will enable them to create a modern work environment with all the advantages that digitalization brings – a simpler, faster, and more efficient business that will ensure transparency and compliance with various legal regulations.

  • Their business processes will be simplified, digitized, and automated.
  • They will be able to digitally sign documents – internally and with users.
  • All business content will be in one place, structured and arranged so that employees can easily find it when they need it – regardless of their form (paper or digital).
  • Sessions and meetings of the board will be conducted from any location and device.
  • Ultimately, their users will also have a better user experience.

Why become a part of the ITS’ team?

  • a team of top experts and mentors
  • relaxed atmosphere and open communication
  • working on interesting projects and new technologies
  • good working conditions and stimulating incomes
  • the possibility of personal development, learning and advancement
  • parking place, good coffee, darts or billiards, and Multisport card


Recognize yourself in one of the puzzles and become part of the ITS’ mosaic.

We are not aware we need you?

If we are not currently looking for someone of your profile, it does not mean we do not need you. Send us your CV and tell us how you can complete our mosaic.